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Sangean ATS-909X Multi Band World Receiver

  • $54900

The latest iteration of Sangean's flagship receiver is a stunning showcase of form, function and technological expertise. It provides oustanding performance and features in a compact and stylish package. If you're looking for the ultimate World Receiver then look no further. Professional features, Professional ergonomics and professional DSP based station selection are yours to enjoy thanks to Sangean!

■ Professional digital multi-band world receiver.
■ 406 memories (FM 3 Pages: 27 Presets / LW 1 page: 9 Presets / MW 2 Pages: 18 Presets / SW 39 Pages: 351 Presets) + 1 Priority Preset
■ Five Tuning Methods: Direct Frequency Tuning, Auto Scan, Manual Tuning, Memory Recall and Rotary Tuning
■ ATS (Auto Tuning System) Auto Scan and Preset Priority Signal Strength in FM / MW / LW Bands
■ FM RDS / RBDS with PS, PTY, RT and CT Features
■ DSP Decoder IC for Better Signal Selectivity
■ Automatically Searches for Strongest Signal Station within SW Station Pages
■ Large LCD Screen with Bright White LED Backlight
■ Rechargeable Battery facility
■ Alarm: Radio or HWS (Humane Wake System) Buzzer
■ Built-In 42 World Time & D.S.T. Device with 2 Editable City Names
■ AM Wide / Narrow filter
■ FM Mono / Stereo Selector Switch
■ SSB (Single Side Band): USB / LSB 40Hz / Set on Fine Tuning
■ Much Improved Audio Quality: 1W Amp Output Power
■ AUX-In for External Media

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